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Misadventures with Brian

Yesterday we went to a spot we usually go to daily to do our routine with maryjane. But that day we decided to go to higher grounds because of how busy the parking looked (along with the day before a cop bike rolled up where we usually sit and he looked at us and we straight up dipped; cop or not. Scariest shit) so these two gay guys walk to our spot we can see them from the rock that’s about 20feet higher; above our spot. Accompanied by a long hair white guy. As he walks up to the spot to sit he screams “are there any sluts up in this bitch”. Brian and I proceeded to scream “yeah!” And he just stopped and looked at us and was like “whoa didn’t expect that one”. We lost it and cherished a moment as they proceeds to compliment the nature art we made moments ago.

Yup. I grew up to be the person I always wanted to be.

#depressed  #depression  #make a change or make a shot